About Empeople-old

Empeople Mission, Vision, and Values Empeople Credit Union comes from a long history of helping members achieve their financial goals. Our name has changed, but our mission, vision, and values remain the same. When Deere Employees Credit Union and Infinity Credit Union joined together, they created an even stronger member-focused organization that strives for continuous [...]

Student Loans 101: How To Fund Your Higher Education

Birth. School. Work. Debt. America’s enduring promise rests in self-betterment through education. Whole industries are built upon this idea, including the student loan industry. In fact, data from the US Federal Reserve shows record levels of self-betterment in 2020, with 42 million US student loan borrowers owing $1.67 TRILLION in collective debt. Empeople is here […]

Derek McNew

Investment Representative (309) 743-6912 (239) 309-8829 M Email Derek See Derek's Profile 5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd, Suite 228 • Fort Myers, FL 33907 Derek McNew During his career, Derek has demonstrated his commitment to and firm belief in needs-based investment planning and investment management, which is required for investment representatives who work for Empeople Investment & Retirement [...]

COVID-19 and Retirement

In 2020 so far, the things we used to do in crowded company are on hold. Concerts. School. Office work. This year if it involves people in proximity to each other and occurs indoors, it has quite likely been paused indefinitely. But just as remote work for most marches on, the golden horizon of retirement […]

Cyber Distancing – How to Avoid Online COVID-19 Scams

Washing hands, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distance with others are just a few of the many precautionary measures that we can all do to keep ourselves and our communities safe and healthy. Taken together, every little bit helps when everybody plays their part.  Unfortunately, there are scammers out there right now trying to […]

Holiday Spending and Savings

Do things just cost more? Last Christmas how much did you spend on gifts? Do you feel like matching that amount this year? Are we all just long-haul climbers walking up a forever mountain of pre-printed gift season price tags? What if we showed you that the amount you spend on Christmas gifts has an […]

The 12 Tips of Christmas

If you put all the gifts on the list from the 12 Days of Christmas in one room, it gets noisy! Cackling geese, rude swans, busy hens and all kinds of dancing and drumming. What a racket! But over here at the Empeople Daily we make our holiday lists quietly, and because it’s the end […]

Owner Participation Account

Earn more in 2023. The Empeople Owner Participation Account is an annual year-end rebate that returns excess earnings to you, our Empeople members. Our OPA program calculates your entire relationship with us, and the more you connect with Empeople, the more you collect with your OPA rebate. Membership account activity at Empeople means everything when [...]

Five Resolutions for 2021

2020 has been a year of wild extremes. Your year-end financial resolutions might have taken a beating, or they might have found extremely radical success. Resolved in 2020 to spend less? Quarantine and lockdown may have made your shopping and impulsive purchases harder to accomplish, and savings may have come naturally, just not the way […]

Smart Financial Goals

Financial goals can help you save money, buy needed things, and put you on track to a better and brighter tomorrow. If you followed our most recent blog to set up and make your 2021 financial resolutions, it’s likely you have already thought long and hard about what it takes to make financial goals and […]