Eva empeople's new virtual assistant

You asked, we listened. Bank 24/7 via phone.

In July, EVA will join the Empeople team to assist members who call into the call center.

EVA will make it easier to:

  • Reach the right person. Simply tell EVA what you need to do, and she’ll route you to the right representative.
  • Conduct simple transactions. Transfer funds, manage your credit cards, check your balances, and more.
  • Bank after-hours. When the Member Services team is off, EVA is on to help you transact 24/7.
Eva face

EVA Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you introducing EVA into the call center? I love talking to my Member Services representative!

We are introducing EVA so members can do their banking via phone 24/7, something many members have been requesting. EVA will also enhance call routing so members can more quickly reach the right representative, if they prefer to talk to a person.

How does this change impact the Empeople Member Services team?

The same great Member Services team is still available and ready to assist you. By introducing EVA, who can handle simple transactions, we are freeing up our Member Services representatives to assist with your more complex banking needs. This makes the most of their talents and makes their jobs more fulfilling. Our employees’ experience is just as important to us as the experience our members are having.

I have heard AI is not secure. Is my information secure with EVA?

The security of our members’ information is extremely important. We will continue to practice the same strict privacy controls with your information; in fact, EVA adds some additional layers of protection that will further secure your data.

EVA didn’t work for me! Why not?

EVA continues to learn as she assists members, and EVA’s service continuously improves. If EVA could not answer your question last time, she may be able to the next time you call, so don’t give up – and remember, you can always ask to be transferred to a live agent during normal business hours.

What can I do with EVA?

 You can ask EVA to check your balance, transfer funds, pay a loan, apply for a loan, reach card services, and more – any time of day or night. During business hours, you can also ask EVA to route you to a representative who can assist.

How will I get my one-time passcode?

The one-time passcode will come from 309-865-5213 (text) or [email protected] (email).