Checking that keeps up with you.

Our new Rise Transaction Account is a high-yield checking account with no minimum balance and no monthly fees. Once you meet a few simple requirements such as direct deposit and eStatements, the more you transact, the more you earn! Plus get access to all of our great services, such as access to our highly rated digital banking, free bill bay, Visa® debit card(s), access to a nationwide fee-free ATM network, early access to your direct deposit*, and more.

Take a look at our exceptional Rise Transaction Account rates.

*Subject to ACH and payor processing timelines

Average Daily Balance Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Credit Card or Debit Card Spend** 0-20 transactions per month 21+ transactions per month** 31+ transactions per month**
  APY* Dividend Rate Overall APY* Dividend Rate Overall APY*
Up to But Not Exceeding $5,000 .10% 3.00% 3.04% 4.25% 4.33%
Above $5,000 But Not Exceeding $10,000 3.25% 3.04% - 3.17% 4.5% 4.33% - 4.46%
Above $10,000 But Not Exceeding $20,000 4.00% 3.17% - 3.62% 5.25% 4.46% - 4.92%
Above $20,000 0.50% 3.62% - 0.50% 1.50% 4.92% - 1.51%
Enroll n/a eStatements
Use n/a Digital Banking within last 90 days
Email n/a Primary Member must have valid email on file
Deposit n/a $1,500 or more in direct deposit per month

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates may change after the account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings on account. Rate is accurate as of last dividend declaration date. Rates and terms subject to change without notice.

**Using Empeople Debit or Credit Card (not combined); Average Daily Balance, Dividends compounded and credited monthly; Interest calculated in each split based on average daily balance.



  • Free access to ATM Nationwide Network
  • Earn up to 5.25% Dividend for funds between $10K up to $20K. Above $20K the Dividend earned is up to 1.5%.
  • No Monthly Service Fee

Features Available With The Rise Transaction Account

Direct Deposit

Access your money faster with Direct Deposit.  Funds go directly into your account, so it’s easy to access your pay right away—especially helpful if you’re traveling!

Standard Pay Deposit

For Non-Deere Employees

Use our Direct Deposit Form for paychecks not related to John Deere payroll, government agency employment or social security pay.

Deere Payroll

For Deere Employees

  1. Access your Deere Self-Service website at John Deere ESS
  2. Login with your Deere username and password
  3. Click on the My Payroll link
  4. Once you are logged in, click the link to Banking Information to set up your direct deposit!

Deere Retirees or Social Security Pay

Deere Retirees
Contact Deere Direct at (888) 432-3373 for assistance.

Social Security Pay
To set up direct deposit of your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income, call the helpline at (800) 333-1795 or visit the Treasury’s website at:

Overdraft Protection

Accidents happen. That’s why overdraft protection is a good thing. We make it easy to use your savings account or a standing line of credit to make overdrafts a thing of the past.

Overdraft protection can assist in covering items coming through your checking account. The Credit Union can set up your account to overdraw from a line of credit or savings account. Fees may apply. Please contact the Credit Union if you would like to know how your account is set up.

Make sure you’re covered by simply giving us a call at (800) 338-6739.

Courtesy Pay

Have you ever made an honest mistake in your checkbook? Or, found yourself a “little short” before payday? Perhaps you’ve had an unusual or unforeseen expense at the wrong time.  Relax, you may deserve special consideration.

Courtesy Pay safeguards you from the potential embarrassment of bouncing a check with a merchant or having your debit card declined when taking a friend to dinner. Neither the merchant nor other patrons will be aware of the status of your account. To learn more about how your account is setup, please contact us.

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