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The financial success program is designed for those who are already on their financial journey, but need support in achieving their next big goals. The program allows members to take control of their long-term financial picture while providing tools and resources for each unique financial situation. Our personalized and expert financial success program can help to expedite your financial goals.

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Inside the Financial Success Program

A healthy financial picture contributes to a healthy and full life. The Financial Success program creates a roadmap toward improved financial health, and ultimately financial freedom.

The Financial Success program is designed to help you identify and stay on track to reach your financial goals. Our financial success managers will analyze your current financial situation and help to define a personalized action plan.

Empeople Financial Success Program Process

The Financial Success process includes one-on-one interviews, guidance, and support from a dedicated member of our Financial Success team. Financial Success program members go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Discovery Interview
  • Step 2: Review eMoney Plans
  • Step 3: Complete Analysis & Determine Financial Solutions
  • Step 4: Monthly Follow-Ups With Your Accountability Partner

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Realize Your Financial Potential

Financial Success program members enjoy the benefits of knowing that the education they’re receiving is from industry experts. Financial health is not one-size-fits-all, which is why we start the program with personalized interviews, to get a full picture of your financial situation and your goals.

Benefits of the Financial Success program include:

  • Personalized financial roadmaps
  • Private and professional one-on-ones
  • Customized financial assessments
  • Guided goal definition, development, and support
  • Free financial tools and resources

Financial Success Program Eligibility

This program is designed for those who are already on a journey to financial health, but need support in their next steps. If you’re seeking to sharpen your financial literacy skills, maximize your investments, or get advanced financial counsel from an expert financial manager, the financial success program is for you.

All Empeople members who meet the following requirements are eligible to join the Financial Success program:

In Direct
Empeople Debit
or Credit Account

Hear From Financial Success Program Members

I love my Empeople representative Matt Bruns, he is outstanding in everything from being an advisor and a “friend.” I love this CU, the best one so far. I only bank with y’all from loans to having a savings account. Hats off to Matt Bruns as well for helping in the financial area. I appreciate him. I don’t see myself moving banks, and honestly I don’t care if y’all are based in IL, being a Texan resident with an IL CU, I still have all the same benefits.
Steve A.
Tom Tobin is amazing! He is so helpful and very thorough in explaining things I don’t always understand. He is friendly, listens, and is very responsive. He helps educate me in all my options and honest while advising. Tom stays on track and in always in contact. He has truly helped me so much on getting on track with my finances.
Roxanna W.
Kyle as helped me every step of the way such as guided me and laid everything out to help me achieve my goals. He’s always there whether it’s in person or a text. Also, I just started working with Tom Tobin and he’s been nothing but great and understanding. I couldn’t ask for a better to help me achieve my goals and steer me in the right direction! I wouldn’t have had access or even have people in my life with this kind of knowledge to me maintain generational wealth.
J. Clarke
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Meet Your Financial Success Managers

Meet our financial success managers, who are here to provide educational and emotional guidance along every step of your financial journey.

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If you’re not sure where to start, our financial managers are happy to help. Fill out the form to get a one-on-one virtual meeting with a financial expert who will take a pulse on your current financial situation and help you discover which financial program would be best for you.

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