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Digital Banking FAQs

How do I enroll in Digital Banking?

To enroll in Digital Banking:

  • Click on the First Time User link in the Digital Banking login box on the website home page
  • You will be asked to provide your Social Security number, member number, email address on file at the credit union, and phone number
  • A security code will be sent via SMS text to you
  • Once received, enter the security code number
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be on your way to Digital Banking from any device

Where can I get Empeople's Mobile App?

Download the new Digital Banking App at the:

*Message and data rates may apply

I forgot my Digital Banking Banking password.

  • Depending upon your device, log in to our website on your desktop or open the mobile app:
    • Desktop Browser: Go to www.empeople.com and select Log In and then select Forgot Username or Password
    • Mobile App: Open your app and select Forgot? Follow the onscreen prompts
  • You may also contact Member Services at (800) 338-6739 for additional assistance

Who can I call if I am having technical problems with Digital Banking?

Inside the Digital Banking App or when logged in via a desktop browser:

  • Select Support from the left menu and click Start a Conversation
  • Or you may call us at (800) 338-6739

Can I receive two-factor authentication codes in more than one way or to more than one device?

You can add two-factor authentication for you and a joint member on your account. Click here for a how-to. This is especially helpful if you have a joint owner on your account and need more than one phone number or email address to receive authentication codes.  To receive authentication codes via Voice, Text, Email, Authy, or an Authenticator app:

  1. Once logged into the Digital Banking, select Settings from your account profile (your name in the upper right on a browser or lower left using the Digital Banking app)
  2. Next, select Security
  3. In the Two-factor Authentication box, select Edit Settings and a 2-step verification box will appear
  4. Below Add another method, make your selection Voice or text, Email or set-up Authenticator app
  5. If selecting Voice or text, you will enter a phone number leaving +1 in the country code. Select Voice or text
  6. A code will be sent to your device. Enter code received and then select verify
  7. Next you will see multiple verification methods and you’ll select a primary method to receive codes


  • Enable cookies to avoid receiving codes every time you login
  • If wrong passcode is entered five times or more, for security purposes, the app removes all data from the device and requires you reauthenticate and you are locked out for 24hrs. Should this happen, contact us during normal business hours at (800) 338-6739 for assistance.

How do I change my Digital Banking Password?

Within Digital Banking, click on your account profile settings:

  • Desktop Browser: From the left menu, scroll to bottom and click on your profile (name). Click Settings.  Click Security.  Select Edit Password.  Follow the onscreen prompts
  • Mobile App: Select the menu in the upper left of your mobile device.  At bottom of menu, click on your name.  Select Settings. Select Security. Select Change Password and follow the onscreen prompts

I am locked out or forgot my Digital Banking password?

Depending upon your device, log in to our website on your desktop or open the mobile app:

  • Desktop Browser: Go to empeople.com and select Log In and then select Forgot Username or Password
  • Mobile App: Open your app and select Forgot? Follow the onscreen prompts

Are all internet browsers compatiable with the new Digital Banking?

To support the security measures we put in place to keep your data safe, we require the use of a modern browser. As new versions of browsers are released, Empeople’s Digital Banking Platform will deprecate support for older versions. We recommend ensuring your browser and devices are up to date. Empeople’s new Digital Banking platform is supported on these browsers:

  • Google Chrome should automatically update and major updates are released approximately every 12 weeks. If Chrome is two versions older than the current stable channel version, Empeople’s Digital Platform may deny it access.
  • Apple Safari is typically upgraded annually during the fall.  Approximately 60 days after a new version is released, Empeople’s Digital Platform may deny older versions access.
  • Microsoft Edge will be supported at the latest version only. The Banno Digital Platform may deny access to older Microsoft Edge versions 60 days after a new version is released.
  • Mozilla Firefox should automatically update. If FireFox is two versions older than the current stable channel version, Empeople’s Digital Platform may deny it access.

Note:  Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.

Is there a session time limit?

You will be logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Are my Digital Banking transactions secure?

Yes. Empeople provides secure financial services through a protocol known as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

  • This protocol prevents other computers from eavesdropping by encrypting all data transmitted between our site and your computer.
  • The Secure Sockets Layer sends your browser a signed, non-forgeable, digital certificate to validate our site to you.

Why am I being asked for a verification code each time I login?

If you are being asked for a verification code each time you log in, it may mean cookies have not been enabled in your browser.  Find your web browser listed below and follow the instructions to enable cookies:

Using Chrome:

  1. Click the Tools Menu (three dots . . . ) in the upper right of your computer browser screen.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Privacy and Security
  4. Select Cookies and other site data
  5. Select Allow All Cookies or Block third-party cookies in Incognito, depending upon your preference.
  6. If your preference is by site, scroll to Sites that can always use cookies and click Add. Enter empeople.com and check the box including all cookies.  Click Add and you’re finished.

Using FireFox:

  1. Click the Tools Menu (three bar or hamburger menu) from the top tool bar.
  2. Select
  3. Click Privacy & Security.
  4. Under History select Use custom settings for history from the drop-down menu beside Firefox will.
  5. Ensure that the checkboxes for Accept cookies from sites and Accept third-party cookies are both checked.
  6. Click OK.
  7. If your preference is by site, scroll to Cookies and Site Data. Select Manage Exceptions.  Enter empeople.com.  Click Allow and you’re finished.
  8. For more information on Mozilla, please see Firefox Help for more instructions on enabling cookies.

Using Edge: 

  1. Click Tools Menu (three dots . . . ) in the upper right of your computer browser screen.
  2. Scroll to
  3. Select Cookies and site permissions.
  4. Select Cookies and Site data.
    Select Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) by moving the toggle button to the right.
  5. If your preference is by site, in the Allow box, click Add, then add empeople.com, check Enable third-party cookies on this site.  Click Add and you’re finished.

Using Safari:

  1. Click the Safari menu from the top toolbar.
  2. Choose Preferences.
  3. Click the Privacy tab.
  4. Click the Never checkbox for Block Cookies.
  5. For more information on Safari, please see Apple’s Help Center.

Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.

How can I deposit checks without going to a branch or ATM?

You can deposit checks easily with eDeposits. For instructions on how to use this service, please click here.

Can I view my Mortgage Account and transactions inside Digital Banking?

Yes! Once inside Digital Banking, begin by:

  • Select Mortgage from Account or Dashboard.
  • Select Manage Account to view additional mortgage information.
  • Transactions and account details are viewable.
  • Click the back arrow to return to the previous Digital Banking page.

To make a Mortgage Principal Only Payment:  

  • To begin, log in to Digital Banking and select your Mortgage Account from the Dashboard.
  • When the Principal Only Payments card is clicked, you will move to the principal-only payments screen.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to finish making your payment.

A few things to know:

  • The payment process is just like a normal internal transfer
  • Payments will post to your mortgage on the next business day
  • Your regular mortgage payment must not be past due to make a principal payment

How do I transfer to another financial institution using Digital Banking?

Select Transfers from the side navigation:

  • Select +External Transfer
  • Enter Account Name, Financial Institution Routing numberAccount  number 
  • Select Account Type Checking or Savings 
  • Select Submit 
  • You will receive a notification with further instructions to verify the small micro-deposits by the date indicated in the message. Within 1 to 3 days, you will see the micro-deposits in your account.
  • Select OK. 
  • Once the micro-deposits appear in the external account (at the other institution), simply enter the amounts and select Confirm 
  • You are now able to transfer funds to an account at another/this institution’s account without completing this verification process each time.

If another member transfers money into my account using Digital Banking, can they see my balance?

No, the person transferring the money to your account can not see any of your balances, transactions, or account history.

Can I print out my statement using Digital Banking?

Yes. If you have already enrolled in eStatements, begin by:

  • Select eDocuments from the left menu.
  • Select the document you wish to print or download.
  • Select View/Print and the document is downloaded to your device to view.
  • Select save or print.

Can I view a copy of my cleared check on Digital Banking?

You can view copies of your cleared checks by:

  • Click on the Draft # in your account history.
  • Optional: You can Tag and or Add Notes
  • Next, select View the check image.
  • If needed, you can even click on Ask us about this transaction and begin a conversation or call us with all details needed ready and available.

How do I make a Credit Card payment in Digital Banking?

While logged into Digital Banking:

  • Select Accounts
  • Next, select and click on your Visa card account from the left menu.  Your card transactions, if any, will display.
  • To make a Payment, select Manage Account. 
  • Select Make a Payment, and enter your payment amount and payment date.

If you have additional questions, please contact Member Services at (800) 338-6739.

How do I order checks through Digital Banking?

Once logged in to Digital Banking, from the left menu:

  • Select Accounts
  • Select Checking
  • Select and click the Order Checks button
  • To finish placing your order, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • To return to Digital Banking, click the back arrow

How much of my account history can I view in Digital Banking?

You may obtain up to 12 months of activity through Digital Banking. You can also view up to 18 months of statements in Digital Banking if you are enrolled in eStatements.

In Digital Banking, is it possible to transfer money from my account at the Credit Union to someone else's account at the Credit Union?

Yes, it is. Once in Digital Banking, from the dashboard:

  • Select Member Transfer
  • Select Account to transfer from
  • Enter Member name to transfer to
  • Enter Member # to transfer to
  • Enter Account Type to transfer to – Share or Loan
  • Enter Share or Loan #
  • Enter $ Amount
  • Click Submit

What types of accounts can be viewed with Digital Banking?

You can view all of your accounts with Empeople through Digital Banking.

Will I need to reschedule my pending bill payments or transfers in Digital Banking if I re-enroll using the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the login screen?

No, your pending Digital Banking bill payments or transfers will not be affected by re-enrolling in Digital Banking. Also, you will not need to update any of your Digital Banking preferences such as email address or statement preferences.

Why is my account aggregator (Mint, Plaid, PayPal, Yodlee, Mint, Quicken) not working?

With our Digital Banking update, the web address of our login page has changed. Due to this change, third-party vendors such as (Mint, Plaid, PayPal, Yodlee, Mint, Quicken) need to update their systems to link to our new Digital Banking site.

We have contacted many of these companies proactively with this information, but we also suggest you contact the company’s customer service directly to notify them of the new Digital Banking web address https://my.empeople.com/login. This will likely result in a quicker response & resolution.

Best Practices

  • You will be logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Settings are available from the upper right or lower left menu by clicking on your name/image.
  • Use the back arrow in your browser to go to the previous page/screen.  Clicking X to close the window will close your digital banking session.
  • Update any account aggregator you may be using with your new Digital Banking login.

Personalize your Digital Banking Experience

Personalize your dashboard:

  • Click the within each menu tile.
  • Click Organize Dashboard
  • Click the six dot grid to the left of a menu tile to drag and drop into the position you prefer.

Personalize your account:

  • You can add a photo, image or logo to your profile.
  • Select Profile from the upper right or lower left menu.
  • Click on the pencil and add an image from your computer
  • Crop/adjust the image as needed and save.

Personalize Account-specific Message alerts:

  • Send Account notifications automatically to your mobile device or email.
  • Select Accounts
  • Select Account you prefer to set up an alert
  • Select Alert Preferences from the green button menu and follow the onscreen options to enable alerts

User Alerts:

  • Set up user alerts notifying you of logins, password changes, and more.
  • Click on your account profile and then select the user alert(s) you prefer.
  • Select the delivery method you prefer to receive account notifications either enable SMS text or email delivery.

Where do I find Money Manager inside the new Digital Banking platform?

From the left menu, select Accounts:

  • Select a Share type such as Checking.
  • From the green button menu, select Money Manager.
  • Next, follow the onscreen instructions to enroll and aggregate all of your accounts into an all-inclusive view of your finances.

How do I view accounts I am joint on?

While logged into the Digital Banking App:

  • Click on the ^ (bottom left corner) of Digital banking app and click Add Profile. 
  • Enter Username and Password of the Account you would like to add (this account must also be enrolled in digital banking) and enter the security code sent to you. 
  • Set up a four-digit passcode. (Optional: Enable Face ID)
  • The four-digit passcode must be entered each time if Face ID is not enabled. 

How do I display the ATM locator using an Android phone?

If trying to locate an ATM while logged into Digital Banking using an Android phone, ensure your location permissions is turned on.