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Start Your Financial Wellness Journey

This program is designed to provide a basic financial education for financial literacy novices. Enroll in the program to start building a foundation that can be built upon to reach optimal financial health.

Financial literacy can be a daunting term but its importance has been proven time and time again. With a personalized and expert financial education, you can improve your financial literacy and create your ideal financial life.

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Inside the Financial Wellness Program

The financial wellness program starts by matching you with a personal Financial Wellness Manager who will guide you and help you identify the financial skills and tools that will best suit your needs. The program will give you the skills and tools to identify and achieve your short-term goals with the ultimate goal of setting realistic and measurable long-term financial goals.

Empeople Financial Wellness Program Process

We have created and curated educational resources that can be customized for your unique financial situation. Program members go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Discovery Meeting
  • Step 2: Goal Discovery
  • Step 3: Gain Access to Online Financial Tools
  • Step 4: Quarterly Follow-Up

Unsure where to start?
Take our free financial health quiz to get your current financial health score

Start Your Financial Journey

The benefits of joining a financial literacy program go beyond improved financial health. Being confident and knowledgeable about your finances allows you to build a life of reduced stress and increased happiness.

Benefits include:

  • Personalized support
  • Expert financial guidance
  • Customized financial resources
  • Free financial tools
  • Consistent check-ins with your financial manager
  • Guided goal determination and goal progress check-ins

Financial Wellness Program Eligibility

Financial wellness program eligibility depends upon your life stage as well as your level of financial literacy. Empeople Members who meet the following requirements are eligible to join the Financial Wellness program:

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Over 21
Transactions on
any Transactional

Hear From Financial Wellness Program Members

Rebecca helped with the consolidation, and we put together a debt snowball plan to get my credit cards paid off quickly. I’m looking forward to watching my credit score increase and to start saving for the down payment on a home. Having an accountability partner to check in on me and help provide a roadmap has made a huge difference in my success.
Mark B.
For the first time in my life, I am able to have a savings account, all of my bills paid and able to reduce my debt easily with every paycheck. With my goals in sight, I can step out with confidence, knowing that I can consult with my financial coach. I have such a great team with Empeople Credit Union on my side to help me crush my financial goals.
Ashley P.
The program has helped me financially in more ways that I thought. I would absolutely recommend to family and friends. I already recommend the program to my brother-in-law. I am definitely a lot closer to my goals because of the program vs. me doing it myself. The biggest changes I’ve see is in my credit score improvement on-top of my savings building!
Empeople Member
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Meet Your Financial Wellness Managers
Here to provide educational and emotional guidance along every step of your financial journey

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If you’re not sure where to start, our financial managers are happy to help. Fill out the form to get a one-on-one virtual meeting with a financial expert who will take a pulse on your current financial situation and help you discover which financial program would be best for you.

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