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7 Finance-Based Gifts Mom Will Love

Mom deserves all of the praise, recognition, and the love she can get—daily! Yet it is Mother’s Day that we “officially” thank them, once again, for all of their love and care. Rather than go the traditional route of buying flowers and candy for mom, why not make it more creative, thoughtful, and financially generous?

We came up with these seven thoughtful financial gift ideas for mom that she will actually appreciate. Ideas good for Mother’s Day celebrations, special occasions, or just any day of the year to really show her your love.

1. Help mom pay a few of her bills

You can trust that moms will have several financial obligations at any one point in time.

Cash is the best gift because mom can decide what she wants to spend it on, so help free some of mom’s up by taking over a bill or two. Help her with the mortgage payment, a medical bill, utilities, or a trip to the grocery store to show her that you care. This makes financial sense for the gifter and the giftee, and will make a great Mother’s Day gift.

2. Set up a vacation fund for mom

Mothers often have to juggle their professional life with personal and family responsibilities. You can imagine just how much time they have for themselves at the end of the day. Just think of all the quality time she’s missed with friends and extended family because she helped run you to activities while you were growing up and yet still kept on top of household chores. Help mom fund a dream vacation or tour. It’s possible you don’t have the money to fund the vacation at the moment; instead, you can consider putting together a savings account with a high yield that will grow for the next year or so. Keep it as a surprise for mom next year, or work together to grow the fund.

3. Help her fund a home renovation

Some moms have a wish list of things they’d like to do around the house. Be it updating the wall color, changing the floors, or replacing appliances, lack of funds could make this a far away dream. Help mom update her house, and you’ll provide a gift that will be used and appreciated daily. As a member of Empeople, there are home improvement loans you can take advantage of. She’ll definitely appreciate this well-planned Mother’s day gift long after the season is gone.

4. Help mom fund her business

Perhaps your mom has always wanted a micro business of her own, but hasn’t saved up enough start-up capital. This can be your opportunity to surprise her so she can achieve her dream. She may have been nursing the idea of running a mini bakery, conducting tutorials, or starting a plant nursery. Supporting her dream with the funds she needs gives you a chance to say “Thank you” for all the support she provided for your dreams.

5. Buy stocks for her

According to Forbes, meals, flowers, jewelry, clothing, and gift cards are the most popular gifts bought as mother’s day gifts. While all these may not sound like bad gifts for mom, take it a notch higher this time by getting for her something with ROI. Buy her shares directly from a company she loves or buy a gift-ready stock with a framed certificate. Whichever option you choose, she’ll cherish it and truly value it later.

mom and daughter on computer6. Help mom set up her online bank account

If your mom isn’t tech savvy, she might be having some trouble with her online banking account. Maybe she wants to learn more about digital banking and how to automate a bill payment. You can spend an hour or less to get her set up with all things digital: Digital Banking, automatic bill pay, show her how to eDeposit a check through her cell phone, etc. This gift costs nothing but will help to make mom’s life easier.

7. Support a charity close to her heart

You can also donate to a charity on behalf of your mom. Not only will she like it, but the organization will also benefit from this kind gesture. Just pick a cause you know she supports. She’ll most likely find this thoughtful, touching, and fulfilling. Nothing shows a mother how well she raised her children than by showcasing the kindness she taught you.

daughter kissing motherBottom line

Flowers and candy have always been the norm, but here is your chance to do something more thoughtful and creative. No matter if you want to use one of these financial gift ideas or something different altogether, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. She may not wear a cape but she is definitely a superhero, and Mother’s Day is your chance to let her know it!