From Ben Anderson, Financial Wellness Manager:

“I started working with Tabitha in January 2023 in the Financial Wellness Program. Her goal was to build her credit, budget effectively, and eventually purchase her first home. We started rebuilding her credit through a Credit Builder Loan and a secured credit card and I coached her on paying off her collections. While going through these steps, she added her husband to her account. He set up his direct deposit to become a fully-participating member and enroll in the program with Tabitha. We started with a Phoenix Loan and paid off his collections; I also educated him on how to manage his credit and assist him with his finances. Through credit repair and budgeting, I have been able to refinance their auto loan that was at 28% and get them approved for their first mortgage.”

Tabatha’s FICO was 556 in January 2023 and 675 as of yesterday, when we were able to refinance their auto loan. That’s incredible growth in one year, and the member just cut 18% off a $24k Auto loan.

“I have learned to be accountable for my spending. Ben and the Financial Wellness Program have been a lifesaver for me. It is extremely easy and has taught me how to manage my money. This program has given me peace of mind as well as a sense of financial security. I teared up writing this, I am so thankful.”

Weaver, FWM Client

“Before this program, I had little to no financial literacy, though I had some pretty big expectations of what I wanted my finances to look like. This program came into my life during a time when I needed it most. Being able to meet with my financial mentor to discuss budgets, create healthy spending habits, and build my credit up has been a priceless asset for my next big purchases to planning for retirement. My financial advisor in this program has been there for me through it all, and I cannot say thank you enough.”

Trudeau, FSM Client