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Rebecca helped with the consolidation, and we put together a debt snowball plan to get my credit cards paid off quickly. I’m looking forward to watching my credit score increase and to start saving for the down payment on a home. Having an accountability partner to check in on me and help provide a roadmap has made a huge difference in my success.
Mark B.
I love my Empeople representative Matt Bruns, he is outstanding in everything from being an advisor and a “friend.” I love this CU, the best one so far. I only bank with y’all from loans to having a savings account. Hats off to Matt Bruns as well for helping in the financial area. I appreciate him. I don’t see myself moving banks, and honestly I don’t care if y’all are based in IL, being a Texan resident with an IL CU, I still have all the same benefits.
Steve A.
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Financial health is about more than just money. It’s about feeling empowered and confident about your life. It’s about building security and working toward your goals and seeing your financial dreams come true. Find empowerment on your financial journey with personalized financial education, one-on-one expertise, and responsive support from Empeople.

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