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Trust Accounts

A Trust account is a right of property held by one party for the benefit of the other. Trust accounts are administered by a Trustee, with designated beneficiaries and assets.

If you already have your Trust established, click the link below to start your application. Add all Trustees as applicants on the account. Once you complete your application, a representative will reach out to complete your account setup.

In-Pat & Foreign National Accounts

If you are living in the United States but don’t have a Social Security Number, you may qualify for an In-Pat or Foreign National account. Contact us to learn how we can help make your transition smooth and easy.


Business Accounts

Eligible business accounts include member-owned businesses but do not include sports leagues or associations (like HOAs, for example). Contact us for more information and required documentation.

To qualify for a Business Account, you must:

  • Own the business (not be a treasurer, board member, etc)
  • Be an Empeople member for 12 months or longer
  • Have an active share draft account for 12 months in good standing (21+ transactions and $1500 in direct deposit per month)
  • Once opened, Business account must be set up on eStatements

If you meet all of these criteria, please submit your contact information to continue.

To return to the application page and proceed with a Standard Account, click the button below.